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More is Coming

Derrick Gates


As I was seeking the face of the father yesterday I went in troubled and came out excited.

I have been wound up like a top, all upset and up in arms about the state of the church, our government, and the coronavirus. I went to him broken. I had a feeling that the landscape of the church will look much different moving forward and that many church bodies would not recover from the financial blow dealt to them by temporarily closing their doors. I know that much of the flock are immature when it comes to finances and they let fear drive there giving and if the pastor is not right in there face reminding them to give then they won't. I have questioned churches that closed and also questioned those that stayed open. Not knowing the right answer. To be honest I have questioned myself many times over the last several weeks checking my own heart. In this article, I will share what was revealed to me. 

God first told me to calm down and even though he knew my heart was filled with righteous anger towards the enemy, he assured me that he has this under control. He showed me that though he did not send this pestilence, he will use it for His Glory. He showed me that the devil is using this virus to tempt the body into a stronger deadlier snare called fear. Fear is a breeding ground for doubt and faith is a breeding ground for victory. He showed me a movie real of faces of leaders crying behind closed doors, many well known and others I have never seen before all because they doubt that they can make it, they are scared that they won't survive, they are fearful for there family, they doubt the provision that God has promised. I could see the fallen angeles taking great joy in the tears from fear that streamed down the faces of those that are called to be bold. I could see Jesus trying to wipe away the tears but the fear was blocking the comfort from the comforter. Following this, the Lord began to speak to me. the following things.


1. I did not bring this scourge, but mankind did.

2. The enemy is using it to breed fear 

3. I am using it as a test. I asked, what test? He replied, "I will test the resolve of my bride". He showed me that the leaders he has chosen need to toughen up. I immediately became prideful and thought I was right about churches prematurely shutting their doors and then the Lord rebuked me. He said only he can judge the heart of those leaders and that many of those leaders did what they did because they are shepherds and shepherds protect. Those shepherds continued to reach out, visit the sick, turned their churches into outreaches, and found creative ways to continue to be "Jesus" to the world. Then he said that many of them shut down because of fear and they are failing the test. After that, He told me a greater test is coming and many that failed this test will pass the next test. Confused I asked for clarity. He said many of those that have operated in fear are already repenting and He believes the best in them and continues to believe that many will stand when its time to stand next time. 

4. He also showed me that many of the churches, big and small will forever close there doors moving forward. Some will reopen but will never fully recover. He then shared this shocking revelation. He said not to worry that He has it under control. He is thinning the herd to make room for the harvesters to step into the mix. The church has become very corporate and business-like, God is shaking that paradigm up. I could hear him say "Come Forth, you Harvesters, the time is now". 

5. I had long been a critiquer of all the Paul Cain, Bob Jones end time prophetic words. Not because I don't believe them, but because they are like a game of telephone and by the time people say them they have changed 1,000 times. I consider myself a revival and prophetic historian I have stacks upon stacks upon stacks of documents, transcripts, prophetic words, and conversations that involve those guys and others like James Goll, Jack Deere and many more, they were given to me by a prophetic historian in Kansas City who attended the church I pastored there for 11 years. Many of those original words are nothing like what we hear today, but all of them have elements of truth. However this one about the Superbowl was revealed to me by the Lord, he said it is true, the vision that Bob had about the Chiefs is a true marker that the Apostolic chiefs are rising and I'm using this current season to separate the forerunners from the fakes, the wheat from the tears, the talkers from the walkers, this is the season that will birth the greatest awaking and harvest the world has ever seen. 

6. He then showed me that a greater test will come and the church will be much stronger, it will strike fear into the core of the earth, but the church will stand up and take authority over it and walk out a supernatural lifestyle that will send this test screaming for the gates of hell. 

7. For the most part, things will return to normal very soon, God will restore what the enemy has tried to devour, but this next season will be a season training. No more rock-stars behind the pulpits, no more pulpit pimps, no more lazy seeker-friendly church, no more country club worship, it is a time for the bride to rise up and take its place with pride. 


Don't let the enemy steal your joy, because the Joy of the Lord is your strength. 

Don't Break Down, Break Through!
Derrick Gates

It can be the natural human tendency is to break down when obstacles or troubles come our way. This is the opposite of what God has intended for our lives. God is the God of the breakthrough!

All through the Bible, we see the mighty hand of Breakthrough at work. Isaiah 28:21 clearly says, "...He (God) will complete His work, His mysterious work" (emphasis added). He is not going to start something that He is not going to finish, in spite of what the natural may look like. He always brings His words to fruition.

My favorite verse in the Bible is Acts 1:8, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you..." The word "but" here is a conjunction word that cancels anything before it. You may have a problem that seems too big for you to handle "but," Holy Spirit has come upon you that you may breakthrough that issue and see victory.

Philippians 4:19 says that He will provide every need according to His riches and glory. This tells me that it has nothing to do with our current natural state of wealth or ability, but instead, it's all about His ability to do it in you and through you.

Then we have the full armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-18. He has given you instructions on how to be equipped for the battle to win every single time. I find it interesting that out of all the pieces of armor that God lists in the Word He leaves out one very important piece, the backplate. My personal belief is that two things are at play in this missing piece. The first is that God never expected you to run from the battle, He never expects you to turn from your problems, so that eliminates the need for the backplate.

The second reason is He has your back. God is behind you, He is protecting you from your enemies. When the God of the breakthrough has our backs, we have no reason to run. So next time you feel like breaking down remember, we as followers of Jesus don't break down; we break through.

The Hollywood Shift Is Taking Place!
Derrick Gates

On May of 2018 while speaking at the Hollywood House of Prayer, God audibly spoke to me and said: "I am bringing you to California to assassinate the counterfeit mimicking spirit and usher in a spirit of authenticity." This was a benchmark for me, showing me that God was not done with Hollywood in spite of what many in the States think. God has a passion for the creative arts and the people on the west coast.

He spoke to me so clearly that He desires to see a full-blown revival in Hollywood by the end of 2020. We can see the ground shaking with this word right now. "A" list stars like Justin Bieber, Kayne West, Brad Pitt, and Katy Perry are all coming back to faith in Jesus. And there are many others who are a token of what God is doing in the entertainment world. We is regularly doing meetings in Hollywood with many from the industry coming and seeking Jesus and the greater things. Actors, directors, writers and more are actively and passionately seeking the face of Jesus.

God is sending in reinforcements to the west coast theater, and as this battle for creative control heats up, I believe Holy Ghost assassins are on the scene taking aim at the principalities that are over that mountain of influence. The time is now; it is not some futuristic "on a wing and a prayer," it is now.

Another thing that God has shown me is that He is moving and shaking Hollywood. God is shaking the gold out of the hands of the enemy. What the enemy started to steal in the golden age of cinema and entertainment is being shaken loose and will land firmly in the hands of the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God.

What will you use your gold for? The gold is not only monetary, it is also spiritual; it is the people that God sees as pure gold among the counterfeit 'fool's gold.' God will raise up "A" list stars to be at the forefront of the greatest move of God in history.

As the Church, we must be careful not to be judgmental and condemning of those coming out of the industry and just embrace what God wants to do with these men and women. Just because they don't fit the mold we have formed does not mean they don't fit the mold that God has made for them. We are seeing Hollywood transformed into "Holy-wood" right in front of our eyes!

Restoring the Roar of the Church
by Derrick Gates

God is in the process of restoring the roar in the Body of Christ. He is giving you your shout back. Many of you have felt silenced by the enemy and that silence has invaded the cultures of influence in every area. We have seen first hand that the enemy has used desensitization to influence every mountain of influence around us, including the Church. Many pulpits have turned to culturally acceptable ear tickling and sugar-coated prophetic words, messages, and visions so as not to rock the boat. What this tells me, in general, is that they have focused on building their own kingdom instead of building God's Kingdom. By default, if we are building our own kingdom then we are building the kingdom of the enemy.

God is calling His people to stand up in the face of popular opinion and trendy culture, and restore the roar to the Church. No longer will we be intimidated by the agents of Hell, no longer will we be on the defense, but instead will take back possession of the ball and storm down the field towards the in zone of revival.

There is a shaking on the west coast as God is sending reinforcements to the epicenter of modern culture. Hollywood will be known as "Holywood." God is invading and taking back the mountains of entertainment and media. This victory will breach the current stronghold the enemy has in other mountains of influence and cause an awakening like a flood that will inspire the Body to once again stand up for Godly principles.

Hold on tightly as this ride is going to get fast and bumpy, as anything that can be shaken will be shaken. Those who you thought would lead the way in, many times, will step aside for those who are nameless and faceless. The wild ones are no longer coming, the wild ones are here. The new breed is here! Let's take the mountains back for God!

The Birthing is Coming--Get Ready!
by Derrick Gates

Many have felt that they have been caught in the middle of a spiritual war vortex. This war has been marked with depression, anxiety, fear, financial struggles and many other things, but with every inch of victory, you are creeping closer and closer to the biggest breakthrough of your entire life. This birthing of destiny will set a new standard of blessing and open heavens over you, your family, and your ministries. In the birthing process, you first have to go through the process to prepare you for your position.

Conception happens when God breathes your vision, purpose and destiny into you. If you lack vision you must get in position to receive. You must posture yourself to become intimate with God so He can breathe the breath of purpose into your life.

Many have received this blueprint from Heaven and moved on to the 1st trimester. This is an important stage because you must fight for the belief in your destiny. It's easy to believe the enemies lies that lead to the self-doubt in yourself and your ability. The enemy will try to convince you to abort your destiny and dreams. As you fight through the lies your life begins to change physically, emotionally and spiritually as He takes you deeper into the chambers of His heart and you shed the qualities of the world and dive deeper into His love. Faith can move those mountains, but doubt can build them right back. Simply believe and move forward no matter what the natural looks like.

The second trimester will encourage you to change your routine, craving more time with God, more spiritual things, and less of the world. This stage of the process is reforming your identity into what He meant for your life. Shedding your idea of what a Christian looks like and molding you into His purpose for your life. This will challenge your foundational beliefs and back you into corners forcing you to slay tradition and religious spirits alike.

The third trimester is where many of you are right now. You feel the pressure of the enemy on you, he is trying to get you to give up and give your destiny away for adoption. The warfare seems too much and you feel like your being crushed. Keep pressing in because the crushing is where you get the kingly oil, the pressing is where you get the new wine.

Now the birthing is coming, get ready, get ready, get ready for your massive breakthrough from God. God is rejoicing with you like on the day of your birth. Begin to use the weapons of your warfare. Worship like you never have, declare and decree to the things you have been waiting for, sow like your pockets are overflowing, and watch this destiny come forth with a mighty, triumphant shout from Heaven.

1. Receive your vision.

2. Believe what God has spoken.

3. Declare and decree to everything that moves.

4. Watch your destiny manifest in your life.

Python Spirit in America
Derrick Gates

In a prophetic vision today the Lord showed me the spirit of python squeezing America. This spirit wore a cracked beat up crown and ruled over smaller python spirits. He commanded the smaller spirits to attack the dreams, visions, and destinies of churches, ministries, and Christians in this Nation. As he squeezed the nation, I could hear the prayers of the Church weaken as they gave up thinking they were not effective. As the prayers diminished, the smaller spirits would attack feverishly, tearing at marriages and business, ripping apart relationships and specifically digging its teeth into and squeezing leadership teams of church Bodies.

God is saying in this hour to stop focusing on the natural, stop focusing on what it looks like and press into His presence. With every tragedy comes triumph, with every sorrow comes success. God’s hand is at work, even if you don't see it. Don't stop, don't give up, don't lay down. God made you to be a Kingdom shaker, an atmosphere changer, and a history maker.

This spirit will fall, his minions will fail, and Jesus will win. John 10:10 says that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give life and life abundantly. Some translations even say that He came to give you a good life.

Speak to the storms, speak to the governments, speak to your destiny and call it in. It's time to call in your good life, shake off the hold of the python spirit in your life and stand up into who God promised you would be.

Dive Deeper into the River of His Presence
Derrick Gates

When we pull closer to the heart of Jesus, into the depth of His heart where we can clearly see and function in His grace, only then will we see that we have the ability to choose to produce fruit or not to produce fruit. Let me explain.

In the book of Mark when Jesus encounters a fig tree and it does not produce fruit, he casts judgment on the tree and curses it. The scripture is also clear that it was not the season for the tree to produce figs. It seems strange for most people to be upset at a fruit tree for not producing fruit when it's not the right season. Let's not miss the mystery of this verse, for those that have ears let them hear!

Jesus was reacting to the fact that the tree failed to produce fruit in the presence of the Glory. When we walk and commune with Jesus continually, we are always in His presence. If we are in His presence then we have no reason to not produce fruit. He even blesses us in the presence of our enemies and sets a table with the cup running over.

Who is your enemy today? Your enemy could be religious spirits, your enemy could be lack, your enemy could be health, your enemy could be back biting...Who is the spiritual enemy that you will feast and drink in front of? (See Ephesians 6:12.)

We are called to stay in His presence; we are called to pull Heaven to Earth; we are called to expand His Kingdom at all times. This puts us in a unique position of being in continual grace and mercy but also takes away any excuse to be a barren tree. If we live in heavenly encounters in His glory, there is never lack in Heaven, there is never a dry season in Heaven, and there is never a lack of direction in Heaven.

If you feel like you are in a dry place simply get closer to Him. Dig deeper and closer to the river. The river of His presence is life giving. If you are lost, dig deeper. If you're hurting, pull in closer to Him. If you're at the point of breakdown, then grab a hold of the hem of His garment and break through. In the Glory, we don't breakdown, we break through! Don't be a withered tree, be full of good fruit and overflow into the culture around you, feeding them the fruit of the Kingdom.


Why Raising the Dead?

Derrick Gates

The subject of Raising the Dead is largely a taboo subject in the Body of Christ these days. Just like many other things, the church seems to pick and choose the instructions of Jesus that are socially or culturally acceptable in our generation or in this case multiple generations. The problem with this particulate direction is that it has mostly disappeared and turned to myth. But I will petition your theological traditions today and suggest that God wants you to resurrect his commandment to raise the dead.

Matthew 10:7-8 NKJ 7 And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,[a] cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Clearly Jesus did not just merely suggest that we Raise the Dead, in contrast it was direct instruction. I would even contend that Jesus expected us to Raise the Dead as part of a Normal Christian life.

I also find it interesting that Jesus says “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”, so go preach saying... Leads me to believe that in order to have Heaven on Earth in its wholeness then we must press in to raise the dead.

Why is it that the Church has swept this part of normal Christianity under the rug? What is it that silences the Body on this subject? I have come to believe that it is FEAR! Fear that it will scare people away, fear that it will draw unwanted attention, fear that God will not back you up if you step out and try to raise the dead.

I remember the first time God used me to raise someone from the dead. My wife and I had just sat down to enjoy a dinner on a date night when I watched two men walk in the door. God immediately marked one of them in my Spirit. I didn't know what it was but I knew God was going to do something with this man. The two men happened to sit at the table directly beside us. It wasn't more than 5 min and one of the men fell forward into his plate. My wife and I jumped to help, laying him out on the floor. Nena, my wife who has a medical background, confirmed that he had no heartbeat. His skin turned a gray color and immediately turned cold and stiff to touch. As Nena and another woman were giving the man CPR I could clearly hear God speaking to me to raise the man up. I was directly being disobedient to my Father out of fear. I kept thinking “what about all the people watching”, “what will they think?” Finally I fought past the fear and commanded the man “Breath, in Jesus Name”. With one giant gasp life flooded his body. I have to admit, I was scared. I was still scared after the man came back to life and as my wife and I sat back at the table, we just stared at each other in unbelief as those around us stared at us not really understanding what happened.

Now why in the world was I scared before and after? I was scared before I prayed for him, that I would step out and God wouldn't back me up and I would look like a fool. I was scared after the man was raised because of what the people staring at us thought.

I had to really seek God on this and ask him to remove two things from me. Firstly to remove my fear that he will not do what he says he will do. God will always back up his word. Does that mean that everyone that I pray for will come back to life? No that is not what that means, but it does mean that his ways are greater than mine, if He tells me to pray to raise the dead then He will back me up. If I step out in faith to raise the dead and they don't come back then there is a reason for that and I must be ok with it. Secondly is my fear of man. Why should I care what people think or what people say, especially above God's word and His voice.

The very next time I heard the voice of God tell me to raise someone from the dead I walked in 100% confidence. The family did not even want to pray for the boy, but I knew that God had said to raise the boy from the dead so I wouldn't let anyone tell me any different. I marched through the hospital and into the room where the nurses were already taking the tubes and monitors off the young man. I laid hands on him and prayed for resurrection power to fill his body and before I could get done, he was trying to climb off the bed. I didn't care what the family, friends or the hospital staff had to say about it, I just knew that God said to do it.

If we can honestly say that fear is the root of the church, not walking in the fullness of our assignment from Jesus, then I say let's do whatever it takes to rid the Body of Christ from the fear of man and the fear that God will not back us up. He is a good good God and He will do what He says He will do. God is not going to tell you to raise someone from the dead that He does not plan on raising. And stop caring what people think!

I believe that if the western church would start getting radical with healing, creative miracles, setting the captives free and raising the dead then we would start to see sustained Revival in America. And of course, it's not just about raising the physically dead, but it's also about raising the spiritually dead. When we start to see God move in fascinating ways it encourages the body to come alive with the expectation that God will also do the amazing through you.

This is what inspired me to make the movie From Death. I know that there are other stories out there of raising the dead and that God wants to do this stunning act of power and love with us co-laboring with him. We interviewed twenty of today's faith heroes about their stories of raising the dead and how they would instruct the everyday believer to do the impossible. It is inspiring to me to go after more dead raising and I believe it will inspire you to do the same. As a bi-product I believe it will spark personal and corporate revival. Let's Raise the Dead! You can hear much more about this in my recent Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Run Unbridled
Derrick Gates

In an encounter the other day, I was shown many strong horses running wild and free, almost dancing with excitement, unbridled. I could see the fire in the eyes of these horses and oil dripping from their manes. The horses quickly came upon other horses that were captive and restrained with ropes, walking in circles in a mundane way. These horses were anorexic and sick looking and lacked any kind of confidence. Even their manes were brittle and they had bald patches over there bodies. It was like they had forgotten that they were horses meant to run free.

As the strong freedom horses frolicked around the enslaved horses, it gave them a level of empowerment to break free and run. As the enslaved horses assimilated into the tribe of strong freedom horses, they began to fill out with muscle and their coats became beautiful and glistened in the sun.

God is saying to you today to stop serving dead works and to pull upon His strength. God has empowered you to run unbridled towards your destiny. Don't let dead works and dead religious systems stop you from reaching your God-given destiny. He has made you for greatness, He has made you a champion, He has formed you to run this race with confidence.

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Don't be silenced! Don't be intimidated by the system! You have value as a son and as a daughter. Stand up, square your shoulders, and break free; become a wild one, become who God has designed you to be before the foundations of the earth.

From Ashes to Blessing
Derrick Gates

In prayer, I could see lightning from the hand of God striking the land, and the land was on fire. This was not a physical fire but a spiritual fire. This was not a fire that was burning with the fire and joy of the Lord, but a fire that was bringing things to the surface and cleansing the land, and from the ashes I could see new growth. Then the Lord said:

"A new season is here, a fresh crop is growing, and soon the baskets of favor upon the Church will be overflowing with My goodness."

It is a difficult time for many right now in the Church, but this is no surprise to God. God has clearly shown me that the ashes of your disappointments, failures, and struggles, He is using as fertilizer for your bountiful blessing that's coming.

This test is truly the fuel for your incredible testimony. The Church is going to rise from this time like an eagle launching out into the jet stream. At one point the wind seemed like resistance but once you learn to navigate the wind, it turns into your source for acceleration.

In this season stop looking for a check to come and start looking for the knowledge to create wealth. His blessing is coming in such a way that your cup runs over. As this blessing comes upon you, the table will be set before your enemies and your cup will run over, because the cup holds the wine of Heaven, and each drink of the eternal wine blots out the voice of the accuser. It runs over because there is more than enough.

Even though the enemy has come to kill, steal, and destroy, Jesus has come to give you life and life abundantly. So drink deep and know that your blessing is coming. Now that the atmosphere has shifted, you will see that God was setting the table for your setback to be your comeback.

It's Time to Bring the Glory of God to the "Golden Glory" State!
Derrick Gates

I had such an incredible visitation last Saturday night while driving from Sonora to Modesto California. I had just left a powerful time and was going to my room to prepare for Sunday morning's meeting in Modesto when I began to see hundreds, maybe even thousands, of lightning strikes over Modesto and the central valley. At first, I thought this was in the natural because it was rainy, but immediately I realized there was no way this could be natural, just from the amount of lighting I was witnessing.

Soon the lighting stopped but I could see these glimmering, portal-type streams still coming down. I thought, "Lord, what am I seeing?" God answered me and said that He is striking the ground in California, and that this is the time for a tipping, one way or the other. California will choose awakening or they will choose death. I thought about it for a moment then asked the Lord about the portals and He responded and said that He is pouring out His glory in a greater measure so that the Body has no excuse not to manifest the fullness of the Kingdom of God in this time.

To the Body of Christ in California, I believe that now is the time to press into His presence and glory like never before! Now is the time to manifest the King and priest that is inside of you! Don't breakdown, breakthrough to the awakening that God has for this "Golden Glory" state!

This is not an elitist movement, but very much the opposite. I think that God is releasing His glory on a greater level to many ministries, churches, and Believers who are in California now, but I also think He is relocating many men and women of God to the Golden State to add to what He has planned.

I know my mandate for California has me relocating and tackling arts, entertainment, and media. By attacking those mountains of influence they will shift culture in all the other areas, like family government and even the Church. Stand with as we attack California with the glory of God!

A Refreshing is Coming!
by Derrick Gates

As fall is upon us and the leaves across America are changing, I'm reminded of the change our country is going through. I believe the Lord has spoken to me and said that this is a reflection of the Gospel. As this country seems to be dying in so many ways I believe that we will see a resurrection and rebirth as the spring comes. I'm declaring and decreeing that the winter we are going into will not be a death but a time of prayer, fasting, plowing, and cleansing. I rebuke the death spirit that is creeping on our country and speak life, life, life right now in Jesus name!

With the spring will come a refreshing and a revival of the Body in America. God will move in America again, revival fires will be ignited, a fresh wind will blow across this nation and the harvest will cause an overflow in our churches in America.

The Lord also says this is a personal word for many of you. You have felt like you are dying; you even change colors like in the fall as your spirit, mental, and physical aspects have felt like winter and death are closing in. God says to press in, pray, fast and plow the ground. This is not death, it is the cleansing of the winter that will come with a triumphant rebirth in the spring. "You will be revived," says the Lord. Your spring can be TODAY! Grab it, run with it, live it out, and scream, "REBIRTH!" at the top of your lungs!

Get Ready to Fly and Run! I Made You for the Best!
Derrick Gates

In prayer for 2018 I was given the following download from the throne room:

2015 - 2017 has been been a long season of preparation for the outpouring of 2018. Those things that had been prophesied for years, that had not come to pass, did not "slip through your fingers" and you did not disqualify yourself by mistakes and shortcomings. God simply was sharpening your tools and preparing your heart and spirit.

--Be ready for supernatural favor. Not just prosperity financially, but with favor by God and with man. Doors that seemed locked and jammed will burst open with the gust of wind from God's very breath.

--Be ready to consume the scroll from the Lord that has been in-scripted with revelation and blueprints right from the heart of God.

--Be ready for the work that's involved in the next level. Be ready to invest your time and resources in the expanding Kingdom.

With this advancement will also come a shedding. This will be a shedding of worldly identity, unhealthy relationships and spiritual oppression.

The Lord says, "I made you to fly. I made you to run, and I made you for the best."

Reach out and embrace what God is going to do in and through you in 2018.

The Rise of the Wild Ones -- From Zero to Hero
Derrick Gates

Open Vision about The Rise of the Wild Ones:

In the early hours this morning I was presented with an open vision of God releasing an anointing from the thrown room that is saturating the most unlikely people and impregnating them with desire and vision to be unashamed, unrestrained and what many would consider reckless with the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Matthew 10:8 will be emblazoned on their chest.

Many have prophesied this time would come and the time is now, the Zechariah angel is waking you now. At first, it will cause division in the church as religious spirits throw temper tantrums about the lack of formal theological education, appearance and the radical message of those ascending to the frontline.

In a blink of an eye, the Wild Ones will win the hearts of the Body with there passionate message and unrelenting pursuit of the Kingdom. This love soaked Gospel will be alive with the wind of Heaven, pushing our imaginations to the edge of what creative miracles can be.

The Wild Ones will lead us back into the kind of Faith the early Church had, the faith it takes to change the world, the faith it takes for stadium revivals and billion soul harvests.

God loves to take a Zero and making them a Hero. He loves to use the most unlikely people to the most miraculous things for the Kingdom. Moses a stutterer, Rahab a prostitute, David an adulterer and murderer, and even Saul a Christian killer.

Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.

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