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Meet Derrick

Revivalist, Author, and an American Film Maker.

Derrick Gates is hated by some but loved by most. Derrick is a former criminal and drug addict who was saved by the Grace of God. He is 22 years clean and working for the American people as a community leader. Derrick uses the knowledge he gained from his mistakes in life to lead a life of integrity and truth. 

Derrick has 15 years of experience in corporate mediation, revitalizing churches, starting ministries, equipping leaders, and helping the less fortunate around the United States. 

Derrick has conservative values and an ability to see them reestablished in our communities. 
Derrick Mentors multicultural leaders from around the United States.

Derrick desires to raise Bold, Moral, Men, and Women of Integrity to lead our country. 

Furthermore, with uncommon tenacity, Derrick brings grit and integrity to the nation’s darkest urban areas by constituting a strategic mandate to feed the poor, cater to the sick, and assist families with various needed community supports.

Derrick has developed a reputation for independence and relentless oversight to educate the people on the affairs of government, local and abroad, and for the people it serves, not the other way around. Known for his reputation for hard work and constituent service, Derrick will passionately uphold the highest level of professionalism while maintaining a dignified stance on the issues most pressing to the people he will serve.

Derrick’s creed of ethics and accountability are a staple of his ministry, work-life, and future legacy as he catapults into the arduous and relentless political arena we currently face as a country. Derrick is a staunch supporter of life and has taken a pro-life stance since the inception of his public life. 

Derrick has a dark former life filled with addiction, crime, failed business ventures and many moral failings. He thanks God every day for pulling him out of the pit and placing him on the solid ground called Jesus Christ. Those who run against Derrick point to these mistakes and failings as reasons not to support him. That is exactly why he wrote his best selling book, From Death to Destiny. In the book he disarms the enemy by laying out his past in detail before it can be weaponized against him. That time of his life was the groundbreaking learning curve that made him such a powerful leader today.   

Be who God made you

to be!

Derrick Gates

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