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Prophet Stephen Powell

International Prophetic Revivalist, Lion of Light Ministries

I would like to give my full endorsement for the ministry of Revivalist Derrick Gates. The ministry and gifting of a true revivalist is hard to find. It takes a call from God not to just to build churches or move in miracles but to steward and grow the fire of God in the church to see God's people rise up as a mighty army. Derrick has such a gift. He burns for the move of God, welcomes the glory of God into his life and ministry, and lets the Holy Spirit have his way every time. Derrick is an Apostolic Father who is building a new wine-skin for revival and awakening in our day. I know he will be a blessing to any ministry that has the pleasure of working with him.

Josh MacDonald

Evangelist & International Speaker, International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.

Derrick Gates is one of Jesus' trophies of His accomplishments on the cross. Derricks story will inspire you and give you hope for your lost loved ones no matter how dark the situation. Derricks story is a beautiful display of Gods saving grace! I believe this book will set many free!

Derrick Gates is a man who longs to see the supernatural power of God to be manifested on the earth. Derrick has cultivated a life of expectancy that is pregnant with faith to birth a generation of believers who walk on their identity as sons and daughters of God displaying His wondrous works. "Your Supernatural Identity" will help you in your journey of discovering how to walk in Gods power

Steven & Camilla Charles
Senior leaders of Bethesda Church /Revivalists
Apostolic leaders of the East Texas Glory Revival

When we met Derrick Gates we immediately felt a great connection and recognized his heart and desire for revival and awakening. He has ministered many times in our region and is greatly loved and appreciated. His story is one of amazing grace and redemption. Derrick is passionate about serving Jesus and he knows from experience what life is like without a savior.

David Hunter

International Revivalist & Worship Leader Extreme Faith International

Derrek Gates is more than just another preacher, evangelist or pastor, he is a man with a story to tell and an artist with the talent to tell it! Derrek has the unique ability to shape his thoughts into words that inspire both; passion and action. Isn’t that what all great stories need? Derrek has a raw passion for the supernatural and he brings the his story to life in a way the brings the listener to a place of action! I find Derrek’s story to be one of the most inspiring I’ve ever heard and his earthy style of delivery makes it a must hear for believers, young and old alike! I am proud to call Derrek Gates my friend and brother. What a journey! Buckle up and get ready to be challenged!